THESE HANDS are INSANE! $2700 SHRPO tournament! Poker Vlog

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Follow my journey as a poker pro and watch while I show you the real poker life. I’ll be playing mostly No-Limit Texas Holdem. Whether you are trying to learn to play poker, looking for top notch poker strategy, are a begining poker player or even a current high-stakes poker player, I think you will find value in my poker vlog.
Or is it a poker blog?
As a professional poker coach, I will be reviewing a ton of interesting poker hands, dive deep into poker theory and show the lifestyle of a poker pro traveling the world!

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THESE HANDS are INSANE! $2700 SHRPO tournament! Poker Vlog

10 thoughts on “THESE HANDS are INSANE! $2700 SHRPO tournament! Poker Vlog

  1. Sorry but against both blinds last hand is an easy check fold that flop crushes their range.

  2. You didn't mention how much you opened the last hand you played (Q-Q). But since you've included BB and even SB to the pot, it's almost guaranteed that you opened just (2x). This is big blunder for tournament play, cause you are giving perfect pot odds to the blinds. You have unpleasantly experienced what bad consequences this can have. Even a trash hand like (8-4o) can turn to a monster on the flop. Besides, you invited speculative hands like (A-x) to the game pre-flop very cheaply due to the weak opening you made. Generally being a fearless player is an advantage for you, but you are more inclined to play cash games. You are yet not a player of big tournaments and need to advance your tournament play.

  3. 5:01 Just like Bill Chen, Chainsaw knows if you're too tight because he may not hit the back but he tears up the sides (old Bill Chen joke from pre-2010).

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