8 thoughts on “Things Got CRAZY When This Player Sat Down (Poker Vlog 7)

  1. You can’t just bang off a queen to book a decent win and not play a Maury clip for us.

  2. Great meeting you during this game and I enjoyed our talk. Keep up the amazing content sincerely seat 4 lol.

  3. Sometimes those small wins feel better than the big ones after being stuck all session.
    Nice one man.
    Also.. what’s with the cowboy hat in the luggage line b roll footage at the end there? lol

  4. Maybe it’s as simple as this vlog not being for me, in which case good luck in your endeavours.

    But I turned it off before 4 minutes with the Maury and Fast and Furious stuff (and in your other videos). I can appreciate comedy but I appreciate vlogs where the poker is the focus first more.

    Again, just offering my criticism and understanding that you might be aiming for a different demographic. I appreciate the effort you put into the vlog, so just thought I would let you know why I’m bailing. Good luck though.

  5. Good Vlog man. How are you going to bet 150 that last hand and not know whether you were going to call another 90 all in. If you bet that much on turn you are committed

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