This Easy Cash Game Strategy SKYROCKETED My Winnings

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Here is the simple strategy that I discovered to crush cash games. Try this out in your poker games and let me know how it works for you.

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This Easy Cash Game Strategy SKYROCKETED My Winnings

4 thoughts on “This Easy Cash Game Strategy SKYROCKETED My Winnings

  1. How do you play cash games? Also, here is my simple poker strategy to win almost every single time (learn it in 5 minutes):

  2. Hey Nathan, I am doing 13 bb per 100 over 100,000 hand sample size on poker stars here in PA. I am a winning player, and I have no doubt that online cash games are rigged. Yes a huge skill and a lot of tables to play allows us to make a good profit anyway, but the lack of action is pretty obvious. We have to play 2,500 to 3000 hands per day, and our large skill edge will prevail. But can not help noticing when I sit in a live poker room playing 1 2 and 2 5, there are typically about 10 tables running. That is 500 hands seen by the room per hour, at about 50 hands per hour per live table. Almost every single hour we see a bunch of boats, quads, and even not uncommon to even see a few straight flushes per 500 live hands, of course taking about the whole room. I multi table up to 15 tables online, see about 3000 hands per day, and I hardly ever see any of these big hands from anyone. Can not even remember last time I saw a straight flush online. So can you tell me why I see so many of these huge hands every hour in live games, but can go weeks and months online, playing 3000 hands per day, and see so few? I believe online poker is nerfed. Yes we can still crush online poker, I know cause I am crushing these games, but we should be able to win even more. I am ONLY talking about the cash games, and not the tournaments that seem to play right. I see a lot of big hands in tournaments, but they clearly do not want the strongest players just wiping out the weaker players on cash games. Funny thing is you and most pros are clueless about this, just cause you make money playing online cash games. I make good money with online cash games too, but I can also see that they are NERFED, therefore reducing our edge. The great thing is I LOVE online cash games because with Poker Tracker 4, studying a lot of great books, and videos, including yours, I got strong enough to beat these nerfed cash games, and if you can do that online you are a very strong player. But I also realize that there is something not right as well. And if you do not think so, you better play some live poker.

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