This is How You Should Play Pocket Twos (Proven Strategy)

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Please do not play your Pocket Deuces like this! This is an amateur mistake that is probably costing you money.


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This is How You Should Play Pocket Twos (Proven Strategy)

6 thoughts on “This is How You Should Play Pocket Twos (Proven Strategy)

  1. An underpair is barely even a made hand at all. This is really just a 2*4=8% equity set draw that you should bluff or fold.

  2. Depending on your table image if you’ve been displaying a solid game and have position, a C-bet and raise on the Turn should get them off this hand with having 89…especially with a K on the river or even on the river.

    What reason would then have with calling with 9 high IF you’re established a solid image.

  3. ALL IN. That’s how you play that. Make them fold their trash.

    Jk I would probably check in EP and make a c bet 50% of the time in LP 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Fold in early position, call on the button or cut off if cheap enough. The only hand worse than small pair is Ace, small.

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