THIS Is My End Goal as a Poker Pro

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It might sound a little silly to some, but my end goal in poker is still to be playing poker. More specifically: Playing poker as a recreational poker player with a regular game available to me.

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Some poker pros want to find the newest crypto currency to invest in and get out of the space all together, not me! I love poker so much that my poker end goal is to still be playing, just not as a regular part of my job.

Finding enough success that I can play recreational poker in a regular game sounds like a great place to end up as a poker pro.
What’s your poker end goal?

Do you want to be like BERRI SWEET and dominate every form of heads up poker there is? Would you like to retire and start a ranch with a petting zoo to help victims of Phil Hellmuth rants recover in peace?

One of the beautiful things about the game of poker is the flexibility and variety it offers you in life if you’re lucky enough to make your living through it.

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THIS Is My End Goal as a Poker Pro

5 thoughts on “THIS Is My End Goal as a Poker Pro

  1. You have the mindset to expand beyond poker. I know you have but you are more than just a poker player.

  2. maybe i overestimate how much people made but can’t you retire now and still play decent stakes?

  3. Bro your end goal you have already achieved already 😅 you such a great person person as well so best luck to you and family ❤

  4. You are formally invited to my monday night game. Its a tournament with cash after. The cash game has 1 hand of hi lo omaha every orbit. We got money and some skilled players. And we got tons of fun and characters. Hit me up Phil. Ill cover your membership fee (10 bucks) and your entry to the tourney(50 bucks) club 3 High in boise. Cmon down my dude!

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