10 thoughts on “Titan Poker – Live 50NL Session (Part 2) – Poker Strategy

  1. i liked the video. but i would like to see a single table. that way you can talk about each decision, and i won't be trying to listen to you while watching your other tables. it's too hard for me to remember the hand you are talking about while i'm trying to see your other tables. also because i am basically a noob (been playing for years though), i do not understand a lot of the terminology. a lot i do, but a lot i'm left completely in the dark. anyways thanks.

  2. also, is this what you do to pay the bills? or do you have a normal job too? i want to get into online poker on the side as a large portion of monthly income, but i can't help but feel a bit concerned about losing. i would like to become very good though, and i am slowly trying to consider myself a student of the game. thanks yo.

  3. nice vid! the fast-paced action and your analysis make for a very entertaining watch. i don't know if you've done this before, but i was wondering if you could do a video where you start with 2 tables, talk about how you play that, then keep adding 2 more, while talking about what adjustments you have to make to stay focused and play well. basically go through what you face as you go from 2 to 10 tables (narrowing range? try to face fewer tough spots?) i appreciate all the videos! Get Stackin!

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