Tournament Poker Strategy: When to fold a flush!?

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Wednesday’s #HelloAlec is coming from my reader Fabio from Italy. He played this poker tournament in his local club, and he hits a flush on the turn. He wants to know when he should fold a flush. What would be your move on the river? Your analysis?
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Tournament Poker Strategy: When to fold a flush!?

10 thoughts on “Tournament Poker Strategy: When to fold a flush!?

  1. Fold preflop, my man. As played, lead the turn. Yes, you will represent exactly what you have, but remember that your hand isn't that strong in a multiway pot, someone could easily have checked KQ of diamonds for the sake of pot control as this is a very ugly board, if your opponent raises, it's a fair fold.

    CO value-bluffing game is on point btw

  2. Ok firstly, you said UTG decided to min-raise, but the graphic shows a limp. I'll continue assuming it's a min-raise?

    Preflop: Fold. You're going to be out of position in a 6 SPR pot with a really junky suited connector. You have little playability and there are plenty of reverse implied odds. Your calling range here should be QQ-TT, AQs. You're looking to flop strong sets, overpairs, strong top pairs and nut flush draws out of position 5/6 ways. Your value raising range should be AA, KK and AKs. You can also bluff raise with AKo and A5s-A2s.

    Flop: That's a horrible flop to draw on, so check with intentions of folding.

    Turn: Bingo! Love your check here. See how others feel about their hand. Facing a bet and a raise I'm folding here. If UTG AND CO have slowplayed straights or sets, then it bad, but I really don't want to assume things like that. We need to be good over a third of the time to call here AND we're bound to face a river bet as well, so I really don't like the reverse implied odds. Any river diamond (except 5d) or board pair completely bad for us and there are 18 of these outs. 39% of the time we're going to hate the river card, which is just too high man. Of course this is why it's a fold preflop.

    River: Your fold seems sensible, though it's one of the cleaner river cards. If the CO actually put you on a small flush and UTG on a straight/set then that's mightily impressive. He does have the Qd blocker, which helps.

    As usual, disciplined preflop folds are the way to go in poker. Get yourself into clean, profitable situations, rather than trying to dig your way out of trouble.

  3. You should have lead the flop either or the turn or the river, but especially the river. I don't think he's raising over two people if you bet either street.

  4. The turn is definitely a fold or shove situation given the stack sizes. The math alone makes it unlikely there's another flush out there. Also, the broadway potential on the board means there are now more straights in the villains' range, giving you more equity. It's close, but definitely shove or fold.

  5. This is a clear 3bet pre flop, and let me tell you why: 1. You have a great hand that can break one of your opponents' souls (or yours). 2. Given the narration that explains your table image calling the bet pre flop turns your hand face up if you hit gin OTF and it is unlikely that your opponents will pay you off to the amount that makes it profitable to play these marginal hands out of position. 3. You are playing in a low stakes tournament and people NEVER fold a PAIR. You can comfortably raise pre, take a look at the flop and fold without damaging your stack. Low stake donkaments are luck filled events and it is important to stack up to have any chance of winning the damn thing. If you get stacked by a flush that is higher than yours it is unfortunate, but a necessary risk to gain a competitive stack.

  6. Very bad fold. It was a huge pot to fold a flush with 3 diamonds on the board. It was a call because u had the odds

  7. Interesting hand. It's a low stakes game most likely filled with very weak players. Your double check really had some of them fooled from the deception. On the river I initially was thinking fold but then just realized the cutoff raised big on his made hand hoping to push out any flush draw not realizing you had it. In this spot you need to go for a live tell on this opponent to decipher a call or fold. The safe play is to certainly fold the mini flush here and wait for a better spot.

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