Use This Zoom Poker Strategy (SKYROCKETED MY WINNINGS!)

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In this video I discuss two hands which I played at NL5 Zoom 6max on Pokerstars. One is against a fish and the other is against a reg.

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Use This Zoom Poker Strategy (SKYROCKETED MY WINNINGS!)

10 thoughts on “Use This Zoom Poker Strategy (SKYROCKETED MY WINNINGS!)

  1. Hey Nathan great video man. Love your channel!
    Do you think that "zoom" is better than standard cash games tables to build a solid bankroll and improve your game? thanks!!

  2. Hello there, firstable I want to say that you are by far the best coach I ever encounter since I am studying poker. Secondable I saw in some of your videos that appears the pot odds calculator, my question is: does this calculator comes with pokerTraker (HUD) or it is a different software? Love your videos by the way!! 😉

  3. What zoom poker strategy do you use? Also, check out my latest video on the 5 best poker games to make money these days:

  4. First hand would be better to go all in after the flop if he is stupid he will go all in as he did anyway in this case but if he has a kind he will most likely fold

  5. You mentioned the high VPIP of microstakes OPs. If this is the case, could you bump up the preflop raise to 4.5 or 5 times the BB instead of the "standard" 3x and then for pot control check flop and/or turn?

  6. 77 rock guys. always call 3-Bets out of position with 77, and always call huge bets with bad gutshots on the flop with 77 in a 3-bet pot!

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