Watch this Pot EXPLODE | VERY RARE PLO (Pot Limit Omaha)

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The @TCH LiVE Poker Stream on Monday, July 19th from Texas Card House Austin featured high stakes poker action during the $5/$10 Cash Game. The real rarity came during a dealer change and a single board PLO Pot. The pot exploded to over $19,500 quickly and could have gone even higher. See Bart Hanson from @CrushlivePoker go heads up with Big Daddy Chaz in this very unique hand.

Also in these poker highlights, you’ll see AA (Pocket Aces) vs. QJ (Queen Jack Suited) for a $4,500 pot. Plus a Christian Soto plays AJ (Ace Jack vs. Big Daddy Chaz’s KJ (King Jack) and a massive pot by John A4 (Ace Four Suited) vs. Big Daddy Chaz’s (Pocket Queens) for a $15k pot.

Watch this full $5/$10 Live Poker stream here –

00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Hand 1 AA (Pocket Aces) vs. QJ (Queen Jack Suited)
02:28 – Hand 2 AJ vs. Christian Soto – KJ
05:06 – Hand 3 Ace Four Suited vs. Pocket Queens
07:37 – Hand 4 JWin
11:34 – Hand 5 PLO Pot – $19,500

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Watch this Pot EXPLODE | VERY RARE PLO (Pot Limit Omaha)

10 thoughts on “Watch this Pot EXPLODE | VERY RARE PLO (Pot Limit Omaha)

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  2. My fishy personality would have snapcalled the AQ44 with clubs, i would never fold that hand with that much money in the pot. Maybe thats why im broke, lol

  3. Questionable fold by Christian. Yes it is a tough spot but you have clubs and a set. Prior to the rivers revealed, I was saying, you gotta call Christian. Had he called, he scoops 19K

  4. J Win making the call with 88 against Chaz isn’t necessarily about “courage”. That implies you should hero call every opportunity because you “just need to muster up the courage” to put the money in the middle.

  5. He plays too passive always looking to trap others. Why check on flop.. Easy against some worse flash draw and some backdoor stuff. Too passive

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