What A SICK RUNOUT On A GG Poker Final Table

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This river changed everything…

Today we have an absolutely SICK runout on this GG Final Table! Everybody loves flopping a boat, but sometimes it can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing…

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Watch the full GG Poker final table here: https://youtu.be/me0gRL08sR0


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What A SICK RUNOUT On A GG Poker Final Table

7 thoughts on “What A SICK RUNOUT On A GG Poker Final Table

  1. What would YOU do with A♣ 7♦ on the turn?

    Your Stack (BB): 7,224,036

    Their Stack (BTN): 5,780,964

    Pot: 1,3695,000

    Board: J♥ J♠ J♦ 7♥

    You check, BTN bets 1,046,250

    A) Call

    B) Raise to 2,100,000 (small)

    C) Raise to 5,780,964 (all in)

  2. I think the way out played out Martirosian has more J's in his range. Not a great bluff. Perfect lead bet to induce the bluff if he has a J.

  3. Just call turn since ultra dry boards are so bad for your range as the preflop caller. Also with an ace in hand you don't need that much protection.
    But I don't understand the river lead for 2/3 pot. This river is terrible for your range, as your opponent has 88->AA and you don't. If you lead you're literally saying you have quads or nothing, so the only sizing that makes sense to me is all-in. On top of that, if you're ready to call a river raise with nothing anyways, might as well jam yourself, it's the same risk with more fold equity.

  4. Wish me luck I’ve been watching your videos and I’m playing in 2 tournaments today with major payouts $250 buyin and $150 buy in

  5. I'm not surprised 66 jammed the river – I greatly considered this play because it puts your opponent in somewhat tough spot despite getting great odds for a chop. My issue is the choice of the hand to bluff raise. I would much rather bluff-raise a hand like AK, KQ (if in his range) because of the clear blocked Jx hands. 66 blocks the kinds of hands that would fold instead, thats my only greviance with river jam.

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