What it’s Like to Play Poker vs Your Significant Other

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like playing poker against your significant other? Phil and Farah Galfond discuss!

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How would you attempt to gain an advantage against your husband or wife if you were playing poker against each other?

Whether it’s at a home game, a live poker table, or in an online poker session, things might change when you’re playing poker with someone you share a bathroom with. Do they know your poker strategy, and is that something they can exploit? Can they exploit a live tell that they spotted on your poker face when they caught you lying claiming that you already took the dog for a walk? Playing poker against your significant other allows for plenty of opportunity for mental game trickery and more!

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What it’s Like to Play Poker vs Your Significant Other

4 thoughts on “What it’s Like to Play Poker vs Your Significant Other

  1. My Girlfriend and I play together a lot and constantly get asked if we softplay each other. No one has 5bet me pre more than her

  2. “How would you gain an edge?”
    “I’d just play poker”

    Sickest subtle burn 😄😄

  3. I played once with my ex, She chose to 4 bet me from the BB while i had Queens, i thought to myself "there is not way she does this to me without having it", I folded and she showed 98o and started laughing, keep in mind that i was staking her.

    Our relationship didnt last long.

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