What Most People Never Understand About Poker

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For some reason most people never learn this about poker. Once I figured this out, it changed everything.

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What Most People Never Understand About Poker

8 thoughts on “What Most People Never Understand About Poker

  1. Are you winning at poker yet? Also, here is how to spot the PRO at your poker table (3 dead giveaways) https://youtu.be/_sOY_7FnAQA

  2. With all the new math is it possible to be successful just by the seat of your pants?

  3. It would be interesting to know how much money is on the table in poker (playing) versus how much money is going around besides the tables (training, books etc).

  4. Workin on it baby! Having more good nights than bad ones now since some studying/education . Mostly online some live. Would like to do more live $1/2 it seems pretty soft. Would love for this to be a side hustle!

  5. So what's opinion as in percentage of people that are winning player's that play poker. I've heard opinions like 5% are long term consistent winners. I love your honesty Mr. Williams.

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