10 thoughts on “When, Why and How Much to Bet – Everything Poker [Ep.07] | PokerStars

  1. thanks for explaining what a c-bet is. As an absolute beginner is still do not know WHEN to c-bet, WHY to c-bet or HOW MUCH to bet.

  2. The pot size plus bet on river to polarize your range I found instructive. I never thought of that bet size in this manner..

  3. 2-bet and 3-bet is how much are you betting, multiplying the original bet. Not if you're the second, third, or fourth raiser. For example, the BB is 20. A two-bet is 40 and a three-bet is 60, and so on. At any time, the raiser can bet whatever they want. Using my example, the first raiser can bet 65. This is a three-bet, plus 5. Not a two-bet. Who the hell is making these videos? They clearly don't know everything.

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