Why You Struggle vs Aggressive Players (Use This Advanced Strategy)

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Many people struggle against aggressive poker players. What hand can they have this time? Should you call or fold?

In this video I am going to show you the advanced bluff catching strategy that I use to CRUSH highly aggressive poker players.

Have you ever used this bluff catching strategy versus a loose aggressive player? Let me know in the comments.

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Why You Struggle vs Aggressive Players (Use This Advanced Strategy)

10 thoughts on “Why You Struggle vs Aggressive Players (Use This Advanced Strategy)

  1. Have you ever used this strategy vs a highly aggressive player? Also, check out my other new video on the advanced bluffing technique I use: https://youtu.be/hNT9im-_vdI

  2. Yes. It was kind of helpful. A hero should always imagine his equity against the enemy range and compare it with the equity required to call. And then mAke the decision with his hands. However, it is frustrating to see a hand better time after time. Because enemies adapt to such call downs. Well, just go for it!

  3. Well, lucky he didnt shove on the river, that would be rather tricky. The fact he just bet didnt persuade me, hence i would call. 3rd (4th) barell not being all in after the opponent flat called already without rise 2x (actually 3x with pre flop raise) looks weak. Good bluff catch, nice vid. Thanks

  4. Are you serious? You can fold on the flop and lose $1.75. At the river you can only beat a bluff; you're even losing to pocket 6s if he were so dumb as to raise with them and keep pumping. Look at the board, you're losing to more hands than you beat. Far better either to fold to the pre-flop raise or fold on the flop when you don't hit a set.

  5. You know you're so funny but I've got a different question I know I talked a lot about it with you Mr black it's the question you ask a while back and that's is this game rigged? And I got that kind of question today while playing I'm playing $3 full table triple up set and go and I noticed three times in a row same exact way I got to be going all in I understand same way three times in a row it said suck out you know one of them but really question. Appeared to me it was how many times does something have to do at the same way before it's not a coincidence? May I get an answer for that

  6. This isn’t gto advice at all. Even if this player is aggressive he gets to be triple barreling off on this board texture because he has a nut advantage. This is a – EV call down.
    IF you were to call down it would be better to have a Ten in your hand with a kicker that some what blocks Kx
    Also 88 is a poor choice bc it has 2 outs to improve.
    I usually love your content Nathan. But this video respectfully needs some fine tuning. Aggressive players also have it sometimes too.

  7. No wonder this guy can’t move up stakes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ his strategies are literally the weirdest I’ve ever seen this might work on 2nl but anywhere else you will get exploited and get your Ass handed to you

  8. Theres no need for me to struggle. My existence is completely centered on delivering food, and saving money. They should not get aggressive with anybody. That's just good life advise.

  9. I think Its only an acceptable play if you know with certainty that villain is overbluffing hard in those spots,like making that 3rd barrel with all his missdraw combos and not selecting specific ones,and than maybe it could be an acceptable call on the river.

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