Will RAMPAGE Poker FOLD Pocket ACES?!

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In this hand for PokerNews.com, Rampage Poker finds himself with the most beautiful hand in poker – pocket aces! Things get fairly ugly by the river as Rampage is put to the test for all his tournament life.

Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau is playing in $1,600 Mystery Bounty Tournament at the Wynn in Las Vegas and is on his fourth bullet!

When you are playing in a bounty tournament it is generally better to use slightly bigger bet sizes with your value hands so that you have more chance of stacking your opponent and collecting their bounty!

I discuss the benefits of re-entry tournaments for poker professionals and why they will fire the maximum amount of bullets they can (because they will still have an edge!)

I also talk about what you should be considering when deciding to make a huge call in a poker tournament.

Thank you to Rampage Poker for allowing me to use the footage from this poker vlog. Check out his amazing poker channel here:

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Will RAMPAGE Poker FOLD Pocket ACES?!

10 thoughts on “Will RAMPAGE Poker FOLD Pocket ACES?!

  1. What would YOU do on the river with A♥ A♣?

    Your Stack (UTG): 26,000

    Their Stack (BTN): 26,000

    Pot: 35,000

    Board: 9♣ 3♠ 2♠ 6♠ T♥

    You check, BTN bets 26,000 (all-in)

    A) Fold

    B) Call

  2. I have been away from poker for about 6 years now. With that said, it was a mistake to check-call the turn. Pot control with 25bb and aces, and such a low board, hmm i dont know. Villain could be bluffing and portraying a hand our hero could be scared of. So my thought is if im am calling a check-raise, might need to add check-raise-all-in IN the turn. Cant just call the river and give him good odds without me getting paid.

    Rusty, i know. But hoping to get some feedback.

    Update. Just finished watching it and ouch. Was afraid of villain having a 9 myself. Unlucky. Tough to let go of Aces on that board and that line. Dont think he played for the flush initially and proved right.

  3. I have a question for those who said they would call the shove on the river. If you are just the type that NEVER folds Aces under any circumstance I get it. Respect.

    But if you claim youre'a more nuanced poker player "well I'm only folding Aces rarely if the situation really calls for it".

    Hmmm. Villain called a pre-flop raise, called a flop bet, led out on the turn and shoved the river. Is there a MORE aggressive line possible? If you're not folding Aces here then when?

  4. I'd probably fold. Small two pair of trips if they got pockets or a flush. I don't see why they wud of been in the pot to begin with with a 45 for the straight. I'd fold if my tournament was at risk depending on how much it cost to get in the toruney I guess. But I'm going to make the final 3 spots and best payouts. But I aim for first every tourney. It don't always work out like that. 😂

  5. I know Rampage is a vlogger and makes content primarily for entertainment and not education, but most of his explanations make absolutely no sense. Like this hand, he thinks he's no good here but still calls off because he has AA? that just feels like a donkey rationalizing a call.

  6. I would fold and made this decision before I saw the result. I don't think villain is floating with enough air that he will double barrel on flush turns and brick rivers.

  7. I am a bit tighter then I probably optimally should be, but AA is still only one pair, and one of my tenets of poker is not to call off with one pair. So I would fold to the river jam.

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