Win More Money At The Low Stakes With This Play

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Win more money by making this play. In video one of a two part (different callers) lesson on river play Bart goes over one of the most basic concepts that will win you more money at the low stakes of live No Limit Hold’em.

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Win More Money At The Low Stakes With This Play

10 thoughts on “Win More Money At The Low Stakes With This Play

  1. The guy he was going up against?. he was not folding I have played players like that. GET READY TO (RE-LOAD) 👈🔫

    some people don't really know how to play POKER. 👈🤷‍♀️ The key? don't get MAD I have lost to a guy playing & won with K-3 LoL 🤷‍♀️😂

    people play crazy, they like watching Denial poker kid or play like phil hellmuth or phil Ivey, or ClayAkon or IsilDurrrr you have all types of aggressive players.
    or just ROCK PLAYERS, or the chasers or the MANIACS & the last but not least? (THE SUCKER). 👈🤷‍♀️

    Poker could take 20yrs to MASTER & if you over think too much? you will NEVER WIN. 👈🤦
    I will know in the 1st 10 minutes if your a SKILLFUL PLAYER. sometimes it can be in less time like even 30 seconds.

    but like I said?. Poker can take over 20+ yrs to MASTER & very hard to lay down AA's & I think he over spent $$$ too much on his hand. 👈🤷‍♀️ I understand 1,000+ 🤷‍♀️reasons why he played that ALL WRONG. 🙄🤷‍♀️

  2. So the straddle bets 30 pre flop. Could have had a K7, which would have made sense that he called twice. With the 7 on the turn he could have a full house. Sure he could have been bigger several times but he also could have been slow playing, right?
    Now I am not sure I would have folded, but I would have been worried. Been burned by trips FAR too often. (Written before the caller told us abut the shove)

  3. He cannot have A7s, it is not likely that he has other suited X7, and even if he has, he is not profitable in a long run. He is not having KK, and it is very unlikely that he has 77. He is more likely to have KX, KQ, KJ. I am going broke on that board. If he is calling 7.5x preflop and $100 on the turn with suited connectors, it is ok if he has me beat because he is loosing in a long run. If he has 44, it's fine, it happens. That being said, I am shoving AA on the river. But now that the river is check, it is ok to fold because he is not shoving KQ.

  4. if this was an Albanian home game its a call all day on the river. At the casino with some guy nursing 200 in chips all night its an instant fold.

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