WPT Korea – Main Event Day 3 Feature Table

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Day 2 of our #WPTKorea Main Event started with 283/757 remaining and ended with Pan Yuwen leading the remaining 44/757 players onto Day 3!

The surviving 44 players are each guaranteed a minimum payout of $7,256 and return to play down to the Final Table.

Today also kicks off the start of our WPT #Alpha8 for One Drop with a KRW 170,000,000 ($133k~) buy-in starting at 1pm!

Top Stacks:
1. Pan Yuwen – 1,800,000 (60 bb)
2. Kai Zheng – 1,690,000 (56 bb)
3. Zhu Hong – 1,650,000 (55 bb)
4. Yanfeng Wang – 1,525,000 (51 bb)
5. Yin Yuzhou – 1,515,000 (51 bb)

Day 3 Live Updates: https://wpt.co/KoreaLiveUpdates

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WPT Korea – Main Event Day 3 Feature Table

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