YOUNG Poker Player OWNED In Texas?!

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Rosey from NextGenPoker finds himself in a battle against a very aggressive opponent who has (so far) been running over everyone at the poker table.

When playing around 150bb effective in a cash game you do not often want to be 4 betting in position with non premium hands as it allows your opponent to shove on you.

I see many of my students making big blunders on monotone flops (all of the same suit) so if this is you then be sure to watch this video to help improve your poker win rate!

Always be aware of your opponents and adjust your poker strategy depending on their tendencies. If you have an opponent that is extremely loose and aggressive then be sure to let them bluff into you!

Thank you to the Next Gen Poker guys for allowing me to use their footage from this poker vlog. Check out their brilliant poker channel here:

This hand analysis was part of my Weekly Poker Hand. I have been covering a poker hand every week for over 8 years!

You can find all of the hands I have covered in this playlist:

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YOUNG Poker Player OWNED In Texas?!

10 thoughts on “YOUNG Poker Player OWNED In Texas?!

  1. What would YOU do on the flop with J♥J♠?

    Your Stack (CO): $575

    Their Stack (SB): $575

    Pot: $355

    Board: K♠ 7♠ 4♠

    SB Checks

    A) Check

    B) Bet $… ?

  2. He could have that As I always like a free card and not getting check raised because he is supposed to here so I will save his supposed tos for when I stack him

  3. I think a check back seems pretty fine in this spot. Sure denying some equity is cool but if they have an or ace or queen of spades in their hand they are not folding anyway (and may check raise) and if they don't have the spade (and are behind) they don't have many outs. Getting check raised on this flop is miserable. Checking back and evaluating turns seems like a pretty decent default in this spot.

  4. I'd c-bet half pot and fold to a raise. We might get QQ or AQ with Q of spades to fold. AA, KK, AK and A of spades are not folding and that's fine.

  5. I think I would probably check this and maybe bet it without a spade. Exploitatively, the only better hand we can reasonably get to fold is QQ. Some worse hands like 99 or TT with a spade might call, but that's a small part of his range and we can probably get more value from these hands by inducing them to bluff. So we are basically bloating the pot against the parts of his range that beat us if we bet, also we give him an opportunity to X/R with KK or AK, against which we have plenty of equity. As far as having good double barrel candidates in a 4-bet pot, those suited Ax of the wrong suit are probably decent ones, although AQo with a spade would be better if we had it. In these games it can sometimes be correct to just not bluff, and protect your checks with traps, hoping your opponent loses his mind. This I find is the case in situations where the opponent will often give up and pray he wins with some pair he was set-mining with, and all the other parts of his range have smashed the board and will not fold, as is often the case with king-high flops.

  6. I think he played the hand fine. He induced his opponent to bluff the turn and he correctly surmised that the Q was bad for him and didn't take the bait. No way this villain is going to fold a queen on this river if Rosey jams, because what is Rosey representing? Any hand strong enough to jam river would almost certainly have bet flop or shoved over turn probe. Specifically when villain has AQ he is blocking out QQ to one combo and blocking AsAx, two of the only value hands I could see that would conceivably want to play this way. And Rosey has plenty of trash in his range with a spade that peeled the turn (like the hand he has) that he can now use to bluff. Very hard for him not to have too many bluffs if he's bluffing at all, given how sparse the thick value range is in this line.

  7. So hard… We are the ones with uncapped range. We have a lot of kings in our range, so we connect pretty well. I don't think we have a huge range advantage, but we have a marginal made hand plus the draw. However, we would be drawing dead against the ace or queen of clubs. Being check raised would be a disaster, but I think a c-bet makes sense, and probably folding to a check-raise…

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