$200 No-Limit Poker – More Low-Stakes Liveplay

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Back by popular demand, this week’s video is another $200NL Zoom liveplay. As always, Uri sets em up and knocks em down, and once again demonstrates his personal recipe for $200NL mastery. A 4-bet here, a double-barrel there – sprinkle in a timely KK, and toast to perfection. Definitely try this one at home!

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$200 No-Limit Poker – More Low-Stakes Liveplay

8 thoughts on “$200 No-Limit Poker – More Low-Stakes Liveplay

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  2. hey Uri,1st of all ,thank you for all the info you share here,keep up the good work pls,
    I would love to see a video from u where u debate average 200nl(winning reg,not crusher or so) equilibrium vs reality,where u feel like people cant,wont bluff maybe some preflop adjustments etc…and more live play pls.GL Sir!!

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