2019 World Series of Poker 5th Place: Kevin Maahs

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Hossein Ensan raised to 4 million second to act. Kevin Maahs jammed in the small blind for 30.3 million and Ensan called.

Hossein Ensan: 9s 9h
Kevin Maahs: Ah 10h

The Jh 5c 3s flop brought only backdoors for Maahs. The Js turn meant Maahs needed help on the river, but the 4h didn’t do it for him.

Maahs took home $2,200,000 for his fifth-place finish.

He opens about his notorious tanking and why it might just be indicative of his “contrarian perspective.” He explains why he decided to play starting on Day 2 and what he plans to do with the money.

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2019 World Series of Poker 5th Place: Kevin Maahs

10 thoughts on “2019 World Series of Poker 5th Place: Kevin Maahs

  1. He gets a Jack and 6.. he drinks his drink looks again at the cards and folds… what a moron.. .. deciding whether to play or fold… just tanking.. the worst player at the final table..

  2. He finished 5th… he does not deserve it.. the worst player at the final table… and by far the slowest

  3. He has an accurate description of himself. He was annoying, didn't know how to keep the chip count in his head and tanked every damn hand. Horrible tv poker.

  4. he should never play poker again for the amount of time he takes to fold. wastes everyone's time

  5. Quit crushing the guy so bad. Yes it was unnecessary tanking but doesn’t mean he’s a horrible person

  6. The worse poker player ever at a final table bar none…. he will never get there again.. is he high in that interview… can't stop moving… a horrible poker player

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