$25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha Highlights

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Played high stakes a few times, sitting anywhere from $10/$20 to $50/$100 PLO on GG Poker. Always a rush to play these games, and the thing when taking shots is…you have to be willing to actually sit down at the table and risk a big loss, to experience a big win. Let’s goooo!

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Hey my name’s Fernando Habegger, aka JNandez. I’m a professional poker player and head coach of the PLO Mastermind. On this channel I’ll show you how to potentially make money playing online poker, specifically Pot Limit Omaha. If you’re looking to learn Omaha poker strategy and get better at PLO, you’re at the right place!

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$25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha Highlights

6 thoughts on “$25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha Highlights

  1. Hi JNandez, just started looking at your channel after trying out some PLO4/5 and so far I have to thank you for all the free educational PLO videos, they have helped me double my bankroll in a week. Currently grinding up the stakes at 50NL and hopefully I get to play a few hands with you in the future. Just a quick question, is this normal. I suck at no limit poker and you would guess that is why I started looking at a new game PLO. Is it normal to suck at NL but to be good/decent at PLO? I feel I understand PLO a lot more than NL. Once I grind up the stakes, I will also subscribe to the PLO trainer (which looks very useful) in the future for sure as everyone will need to study more once at high stakes.

  2. Great content bro!!! Made a big progress in PLO even PLO8 after subscribing your channel. Thank you!!!

  3. lmao that was me needling him at 00:20 hahaha he was complaining cuz he got aces like 15 times back to back

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