3 Basic Poker Mistakes Most Amateurs STILL Make

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Guys, please stop making these 3 basic mistakes at the poker table. This is amateur hour stuff that you must fix now!

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3 Basic Poker Mistakes Most Amateurs STILL Make

10 thoughts on “3 Basic Poker Mistakes Most Amateurs STILL Make

  1. Do you make any of these 3 basic poker mistakes? Also, here are the 3 poker "secrets" the pros don't want you to know: https://youtu.be/tEAor5VnO4o

  2. Hey, I am interested in Hire you as poker host for web3 tournaments, please reply to this comment

  3. Say you call an all in bet holding the nut flush and the river pairs the board and you lose to a full house. Are you really going to blame yourself for calling? No! You laugh it off and get back to poker. LOL

  4. What helps me accept the bad beats, is to always think: the best poker players are the most unlucky ones. And why? Because we are always ahead when we make a move and only get beaten by a lucky strike. Without those lucky strikes though, we would have no fishes at the table!

  5. #2 for sure. That is definitely where I lose the most. I play pretty much exclusively on ClubGG and the players there are almost NEVER going to fold when you want them to. They will ride that 3rd pair on the flop all the way down.. And yet I still catch myself trying to push people out like I''m at the WSOP. smh

    As far as my results, my total outlay is 900 over the last 18 months. My gross is around $1750, so just shy of doubling my money. Nothing too crazy, but for the low level of risk it is okay for now. I focus pretty exclusively on tournament poker vs cash.

  6. Have confidence you can exploit the mistake. Every single player makes mistakes. I just focus exclusively on being there to take advantage. Doesn't matter how "good" or "bad" they are.

  7. Omg , I've seen second points countless times in low stake calling KQJ with 92 . dDONT BLUFF IN low stake you will get called

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