3-Bet Pot with Top Pair and a Weak Flush Draw

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This heads-up high stakes poker highlight from the Galfond Challenge showcases an exciting PLO hand where Phil has a tough spot on the river. Would you call here with top pair?

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3-Bet Pot with Top Pair and a Weak Flush Draw

6 thoughts on “3-Bet Pot with Top Pair and a Weak Flush Draw

  1. Why bet small on this board? You 3bet and he flatted, so you have the range and polarity advantage, and also he has alot of hands that want to continue, so why not charge him more money?

  2. Well he happens to have kinda nutty hand kinda unlucky although in omaha im on level one so i probably folding this not levelling myself into calling but thats only me definitely mediocre or even weakish player at omaha

  3. I really like your thinking and find it interesting. Thank you for the video

  4. You never show us good folding hands! we need to see those too in order to learn!

  5. You are posting great content. The content is very honest too. You are willing to show losing big pots. Your channel has the biggest brain of all YouTube channels. I'm learning so much from your analysis. Thank you and keep it up. Best poker channel on YouTube.

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