5 Common Mistakes All Poker Beginners Make

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You will never see good poker players making these 5 bad plays at the poker table. Avoid these 5 common beginner poker mistakes.

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5 Common Mistakes All Poker Beginners Make

10 thoughts on “5 Common Mistakes All Poker Beginners Make

  1. Do you make any of these 5 beginner poker mistakes? Also, here is the advanced "stop and go" poker strategy I use as a professional poker player: https://youtu.be/Ezd1uqzw7HQ

  2. Hey, IOU something, I have improved my game with your advise and am winning in 1-3 and 3-5 NLH at two casinos and even won the tournament. It is really surprising how much a little structure to my game has improved it. Thanks

  3. Absolute majority of players at the micros and lows have almost always premium in their 3betting range indeed . Very useful and crucial is identify those who have some light 3bets . I am making notes on it everytime i see it

  4. HA… good advice. I don't consider myself a beginner, but I definitely am (recently) guilty of #4. Ran head on into a NIT who raised me on the river…I should have RUN AWAY…but I called….and paid for it. Thanks for these videos.

  5. Thanks as always, these videos have been very helpful, my game has gotten so much better.

  6. Someone tell me where I'm going wrong, isn't 33% equity on the flop possible to call a pot sized bet?

  7. So on hand #3 are you saying to C bet 80% even if you don’t have top top…Cause if I only C bet say 30-40% when I don’t hit the flop won’t I be easy to read? Thanks Nathan

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