5 Easy to Fix Beginner Poker Mistakes (Never Do This!)

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These are the top 5 beginner poker mistakes that most amateurs still make. Luckily, they are all relatively easy to fix.

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5 Easy to Fix Beginner Poker Mistakes (Never Do This!)

10 thoughts on “5 Easy to Fix Beginner Poker Mistakes (Never Do This!)

  1. Do you make any of these 5 beginner poker mistakes? Also, here are 5 things you will NEVER see good players do: https://youtu.be/QZ0wsRyJU4s

  2. I never read a single poker book. I simply played at free websites and played tournaments so it would be mostly serious players and not the all in every hand type of free poker site games. I believe it was a great way to learn for free and now I have great poker skills and I almost never lose except to lucky hands or when I get coolered with an unfoldable hand. LOL I'm a free chip hero.. Got stars in my eyes

  3. The most influence a piece of poker advice ever had on me was "You should try to see as many flops as possible". I follow this advice. It's not a good cash game strategy, but for tournaments it's crucial to not miss any hands. Needless to say, I suck at cash games because I can't find the proper bet sizing and I'm prone to chasing flushes and straights. LOL

  4. sick background love the painting in the background. I only watch these videos for entertainment. I've come to accept I don't have what it takes to be a winning poker player.

  5. I am going to hit my second time playing ever. Keep it simple sounds good to me.

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