5 Habits of ALL Successful Poker Players

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Here are the top 5 habits of all long term winning poker players. This is what good players do. How many did you get right?

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5 Habits of ALL Successful Poker Players

10 thoughts on “5 Habits of ALL Successful Poker Players

  1. How many did you get right? Also, this is why your bluffs always get called https://youtu.be/P-u5ookmpEM

  2. What kind of win rate (bb/100) would you want to see from one of your students playing micro stakes cash games? Curious about how much a good student should be crushing games like .05/.10 online. Thanks Nathan!

  3. Great stuff. I got a pretty bad beat this past Saturday with pocket queens. But as you stated. I took in stride, did not let it bug me too much and let the villain know he played the hand well and kept going.

  4. If u treat poker like a get rich quick scheme you go broke quick I learned. Bankroll management is key. At least 20 buy ins to deal with variance. Thanks for your teachings.

  5. Zoom poker is great for cherry picking you opponents and which ones can take advantage of and stay clear of the tougher opponents unless I have a very strong hand. Against Aggressive players require a more passive play style for pot control of a marginal hand and slowplay/trap monster. Against passive players value bet them to death because they will only raise with a big hand and which case a marginal hand is an easy fold every time to the raise.

  6. Weak tight Aggressive player seems like an oxymoron. An aggressive player is not going to be weak. I think u meant weak tight player.

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