5 Poker Hands Good Players Never Play

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Here are the 5 poker hands that you will never see good players playing. Only bad players and losing players play these 5 hands.

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5 Poker Hands Good Players Never Play

10 thoughts on “5 Poker Hands Good Players Never Play

  1. Do you play any of these 5 hands? Also, here is the easy poker strategy that has SKYROCKETED my winnings lately: https://youtu.be/_pBjmFC4tIs

  2. He is saying to not overplay these hands, and pay attention to position with these hands. He isn't saying don't ever play them. Might help paying attention to all he says instead of just assuming.

  3. A lot of people are a little opposed to folding the suites connectors for the exact reasons Nathan is stating, but I think a lot of what is being missed is card removal and hand domination. I see a lot of players call 78/89/9T not considering that a lot of the cards these hands rely on to make big hands are part of the openers range, meaning, when a lot of money goes in, you’ll almost never be drawing to the nuts, straight flushes aside, and even then, you still can lose that .5% of the time to the better suited connectors JTs+. You’ll see that, if you’re going to call vs 3! these hands you’re better off calling hands like 45/56s where the card remove is less, though you’ll need keen senses and player awareness to fold when alarm bells go off!

  4. People will play any and they can these days. Sadly my local poker is exactly like this, where they think 93 off suit is a good hand… some people will call any hand just to donkey out a better player. Heck my favourite hand of all time is 69 of hearts because i can count on one hand the amount of times i've lost with it over the last 6 years of playing. My second favourite hand is KJ (which you posted in this video lol) again because for me locally, people play any 2 cards, especially if they have a picture. Now that isn't to say i dont know how to fold. i've layed down so many hands people dont know how i read it so well.

    The number 1 "trap hand" i have is AK and K10. I have lost so much with those cards, not even over playing them or being out of position, but every time i seem to have them, i either win the minimum, or i lose massive.
    I would rather have AQ or AJ over AK as it is disguised so much better, and it suits my game a lot more

  5. I would slightly disagree with the small pocket pairs one as long as you have the discipline to just throw them away if you miss. I rely on 3 things:
    1) Position
    2) lots of players involved
    3) Deep stacked.

    Since you only hit one out of every 8 flops you really need to get paid when you hit. Also the smaller the pair the more likely villain will discount pocket pairs (particularly if there was a 3 bet).
    Yesterday I called a UTG open raise from the button with 22s. Flop came 2 K 6 and we got it all in on the flop (He had AK, I won $400 on that hand).

  6. I got A LOT better in poker tournaments because I avoid OVERPLAYING AJ A7 off and some other BS hands. KJ QJ are overrated. I would rather play pocket 3s than KJ QJ offsuit.

  7. Some of this (for me at least) is determined by stack size how much the pot is raised (if any) pre-flop. Maybe I have 4d4s in a limped pot and flop is Kd 3h 2s. Even a pot sized bet may be worth it if it's not effecting my stack all that much, especially if I'm against players that will pot bet draws or small cards on such a flop. I agree with AJ against tight players, but sometimes it's a slam dunk call to a 3 bet or even jam against others, especially players who will raise/3bet any Ace at all.

  8. dude talks out his ass 100% ive played his "strategy" to the letter over the past year and done nothing but lose over 7k in fact. his "mathematical advantage" is 100% a lie. dont listen to this guy youll just lose your money. the only way this scaming piece of bad actually makes any money playing poker is by running tons of 2nd hand software while playing online wich is also known as cheating. dudes a loveing guy scamming people love this guy

  9. hey man thanks for sharing this! one of the best Poker Youtube channel out there. I've learned tons of stuff. Highly recommended!

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