5 Signs You Are Better at Poker Than Most People

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Here are the top 5 signs that you play much better poker than most people. Do you use any of these 5 strategies at the poker table?

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5 Signs You Are Better at Poker Than Most People

10 thoughts on “5 Signs You Are Better at Poker Than Most People

  1. Do you use any of these 5 poker strategies? Also, here are the 5 things poker pros do that amateurs do not do: https://youtu.be/j9rhL7EGbms

  2. When a player keeps raising on the button, I call, wait for their c-bet on the flop, then bet the pot. They fold every single time. It's like printing money.

    If you play aggressive against me, I crush you 😎

  3. Hey Nathan your mostly to almost all right in what your saying.

    I do most to almost all of those to some to almost a lot of the time.

    Here is where I differ. This has been coached to me by Shaun Deeb, and other coaches, etc, at 2+2 poker forums.

    On your not limping behind, and raising in position to scoop limp ins.

    Mostly right in general. That said I don't like raising A5 to A2 suited or not there because what do players limp? A rag that usually better then the A5 to A2 rag your raising. And do the players then limp call? Yes. And if a Ace hits postflop, are you likely dominated? Yes. Are you likely to fold out hands better, and lesser hands call? No

    Because of that I want A6 suited, A7 suited, off, A8 off, A9, etc, K9 suited, KT, Q9 suited, QT, QJ, J9 suited, JT, , etc, in other words, on non Aces, I want at least a 9 kicker, and on Ax, want at least A6 suited +. This allows me to either scoop the limp in pot, an or hit a Ace with me ahead, or I semi bluff, and or cbet postflop, and worst case fold, etc, postflop, depending on situation.

    That's better then raising A3 rag, or a Q,K, with a crap 4,5,6,7 kicker.

    I know you can still raise scoop, semi bluff, cbet, etc, with A4 suited, and Q6 suited, etc, in position, etc, but that is way too much risk.

    Limping behind. You say to not do that, but some hands like ,T9 suited, JT suited, QT suited, etc, are, can be good to limp behind 2,3,4 other limpers, on a limp happy, less agressive table, for pot odds, and for MONSTER FLOP mining that is kind of like set mining.

    You have position. You have a 9 or better kicker. You have good pot odds. And if you hit big, a lot of players won't put you on a big hand. They will think you have bottom or middle pair, or top pair crap, bad kicker, or a draw, etc.

    And you can be dominating worse kickers, if you hit your Q or J. And sometimes you can still bluff postflop.

    Now hands like A2,A3, A4, K3, K4 suited, etc, are bad hands to limp behind, because with all the limpers, even you hit hit 2 pair or trips, or top pair, etc, you can easily be beat by a better top pair, with better kicker, better 2 pair, better trips, with a better kicker.

    And like I said A3, K3, Q3, etc, are not good raise scoop hands, so vs limpers it's just usually best to fold A2, K2, Q2, preflop, etc.

    The other good part about this is it appears to mix up your game, because sometimes you limp, sometimes to raise to scoop limps, and sometimes you fold A2 suited, etc, preflop vs limpers.

    This builds a better image of you, and makes you harder to figure out

    About your cbetting the right kind of boards, like a draw, etc with A5, etc.

    I usually also Cbet that board, flop about 57% to 67% to 77% of the time, in position, after a preflop raise, with a hand like A6, etc, but sometimes I check, to mix up my game, get some free cards for my draws, and to prevent players from reraising me, calling me, and playing back against me to much, etc, to give me a better image, make me harder to figure out, etc.

    Whether I check or Cbet depends on table, player dynamics, situation, etc, so altho sometimes I do I Cbet, check randomly, but most of the time, I have good reasons for either cbetting, checking with A5,A6,:etc, in that kind of spot.

    Everything else you said was Spot on, exactly right.

    I hope that players learn from you, and from the exceptions to what you said that I pointed out. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for all you do, and what your saying to do here.

    If it wasn't for players, coaches like you, and like the coaching I got, I and others would be losing players.

    For credibility, and not to brag.

    Turned $15 into $1750 at PS before BLACK Friday shut down of online poker.

    And cashed about 59,69,79,89 out of 200 $30 buy in 75 man tournaments at various brick and mortar casinos.

    My Cashing Ratio was about 38%, and about a 19% to 29% ROI on Sharkscope.

  4. You missed a big one.

    You know what to look for in good games and know when to switch because all the players you can outplay have left

  5. Loving how you turned this topic positive. “You’re a good poker player because you do these things” … and 98% of watchers (including me) are “I gotta do these things”

  6. Oh my goodness. I’m in trouble! None of these apply to me!!! 😧

  7. Here's more. What must I do to be saved? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ/God's son, and you will be saved. Acts 16:30,31 Please think about it. Repent of your sin, heaven awaits dont be left behind. Nothing but love to you.

  8. Bro that first tip is called a spew the board is King high all the condensed calling range is king queen and you have a bluff.

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