5 Things Poker Pros Do That Amateurs Do Not Do

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Here are the top 5 things that poker pros do that amateurs do not do. This is why the pros keep winning again and again.

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5 Things Poker Pros Do That Amateurs Do Not Do

10 thoughts on “5 Things Poker Pros Do That Amateurs Do Not Do

  1. Did any of these 5 poker tips help you? Also, just use these 3 simple strategies to start WINNING at poker right away: https://youtu.be/CLPZWSj9qsg

  2. The clip of you at 1:50 has you very excited to be reviewing that PokerTracker hand 🙂

  3. Is it really not possible to have a winning session everytime even at 2NL?

  4. You are given me lots of hope! I have been playing seriously for about 6 months now and I feel I am better poker player, but keep doing one mistake once in awhile. Making bad calls thinking that villian is bluffing. I think I have lost most of the money in those calls.

  5. After watching some of your videos, I think that you know more then most of the best players. The question that always come back to mind is – If you really are that good, why are you wasting time making those videos instead of playing in the biggest game available?
    A comparable situation is like the investment gurus who clam to be able to grow your investment like never before. Don't you think that they would keep such information for themselves if it was true! Also, if they are that good, they would never need other sources of income to keep on going.
    I see poker just like the rest of my investment, I do it for enjoyment and to make money. If I am to put my hard earn money at risk and spend my precious time at the table, I will only do it if I'm rewarded for doing so and I suspect it's the same for you.

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