$807,927 For 1st – Fedor HOLZ Runs A CRAZY Bluff!

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Fedor ‘CrownUpGuy’ Holz is no stranger to high stakes poker tournaments and here he is battling against Viktor Kudinov as part of the Triton Super High Roller Series.

Fedor’s style is known to be extremely aggressive and he puts his opponents in extremely tricky situations often having to call all-in for their tournament life.

In this hand from a $30,000 Triton poker tournament Fedor opts to raise from the small blind with 64o with a covering stack. When there are payout implications and you have a large stack you should be raising a very wide range to put pressure on the small and medium stacks. Viktor in this hand only has 22 big blinds which means he will be one of the shorter stacks left in the field.

The action really picks up on the turn when Fedor decides to start bluffing with just six high. Kudinov only has ten high and is facing a bet on the river. Can he sniff out the bluff in this Triton poker tournament?

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$807,927 For 1st – Fedor HOLZ Runs A CRAZY Bluff!

10 thoughts on “$807,927 For 1st – Fedor HOLZ Runs A CRAZY Bluff!

  1. What gives you the best feeling at the poker table?

    a) A big fold

    b) Making a hero call

    c) Running a huge bluff

  2. The problem I think is, there are a bunch hands Fedor can have that wasn't mentioned that beats Kudinov. If he's playing 64, he's pretty much playing close to, if not, his 'full range'. Therefore, he could have also been bluffing with the best hand, including any duce, small pocktes, and jack highs. Because of that I think Fedor should have bet bigger and gave Kudinov worse odds for his bluffing range. I'd say 3/4, full, or 1.25 the pot. Just my opinion.

  3. Why kunavi check back on the flop? I would bet 40% of the pot! If Fedor really do have a good hand, I would c-bet 100% of the time..

  4. really don't like the size by fedor. I think he will and should go for thin value with a Q, but even a Q can bet larger due to ICM and nut advantage. Fedor will have all the trash hands so betting big works far better

  5. Normally I would think – the half pot river bet isn’t a thing but it’s Fedor so what am I supposed to do with that? Lol

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