ALL IN Decisions In The Long Run! Tournament Poker Strategy █-█otD 67

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One more #HandoftheDay episode is out. This one is coming from my #HelloAlec series. My reader John played this tournament, and he puts all in in this hand. So, this episode is about ALL IN decisions in long run. You should always consider one golden rule in poker… The chips you win are not important as a chips that you lost!
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ALL IN Decisions In The Long Run! Tournament Poker Strategy  █-█otD 67

10 thoughts on “ALL IN Decisions In The Long Run! Tournament Poker Strategy █-█otD 67

  1. Interesting analysis. I especially like the point about bet sizing in tournament play. It's not an easy one to learn from what I've observed, and I know I lost money and was punished from making bad overbets like thst.

  2. Thanks for all the feedback, i definitely see how bad it was to shove the river i think i just didn't know what to do so just went for the shove hoping i would get called by some sort of 2 pair or a set. One of my biggest flaws is that i tend to make big decisions way too quickly and this was one of them but it's something i've been working on.

  3. Doesn't the fact that villain had Q7s negate everything you said about the villain's hand range? You said, he would bet a backdoor flush on flop, he's unlikely to have 2 spades because he wouldn't call the 2bet on the turn, and then the villain just has the flush on the river as completely unexpected.

  4. The river shove is obviously the big and expensive mistake here. However John should also ask himself, if he would have limped behind here with 53 offsuit. And if the answer is no, then he probably should not have limped behind with 53 suited either. Not even if the button was more passive and likely to either limp behind or fold. Its just not a very strong hand. And if you make a flush with it, you have reverse implied odds from someone making a higher flush. Not only do you need 3 clubs to come on the board and noone else to have 2 clubs in their hand. You always need to avoid 4 or 5 clubs coming on the board, because that will counterfeit your hand. So my advice is, just fold this preflop and wait for a stronger hand.

  5. Cooler to be sure, but it sure seemed like villain had an ace there, didn't it?

    This is one of Alec's best videos yet, I'd say…really good analysis.

  6. Why not 3-Bet preflop, then bet hard post flop? He'll call pre, then fold post. Still make good money

  7. I've seen this exact scenario a hundred billion times.
    Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.
    Players will chase a flush to the ends of the earth, so when it gets there just assume they have it. You can make a small bet on the river to test that because if they have it they will call or raise. You can easily fold if raised.
    I remember one time I flopped a set. The flop was rainbow and otherwise clean. There was one spade out there. …but for some reason my "spidey senses" were tingling. Here I am holding a set vs a single opponent, and I was feeling uneasy.
    Then I did something really stupid. Because of my uneasy feeling I did not want to somehow get drawn out on so I decided to just ship it in an attempt to protect my hand. At that point I didnt care about missing value. I just wanted him to fold and move on to the next hand.
    I did expect a fold from my opponent and I did not feel like I was beat on the flop, but I just knew that the turn and river was bad news.
    Sure as bad I get called by a guy holding…Ready? Q6s. Yep. He called with nothing but air and a long shot draw.
    So the turn and river come down runner runner spades and I got stacked.
    The more ya know. Right?

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