Analyzing the Pros: Ginge Poker | NL500 Zoom Hand Review

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Welcome to our newest video format where we examine the hands of various poker pros. In episode one, our Poker Scientist coach SamyBaem looks at three hands of the NL500 grinder GingePoker. Have lots of fun with it!

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Analyzing the Pros: Ginge Poker | NL500 Zoom Hand Review

6 thoughts on “Analyzing the Pros: Ginge Poker | NL500 Zoom Hand Review

  1. Just subed to the Site, and i am really happy with it. Thanks for the aditional content you are providing here!

  2. Hey guys! We are trying this new format where we compare the GTO theory with the approaches of different poker players. I appreciate that GingePoker is our first "guest". Please have in mind that I don't see myself in the position of any judgment. I am just doing my best and sharing my opinion 🙂 Now HF GL guys

  3. I like the format.
    As a microdonk all of the hands except the flush seem exotic (i comprehend the intention/logic behind the solve). For the flush i would also try to milk villain small because i block a ton of his value range.

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