Ask Alec: What to Do When You Lose Confidence In Poker? (Poker Tips)

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I Think I Lost Confidence In Poker… Did you ever ask yourself this question? Every poker player sometimes ask himself this question, including myself. Check out today’s Ask Alec episode and find out my tips about this topic. Feel free to share your poker advice and poker thoughts in a comment below.


P.S. Sorry for the noise at the begging of the video.

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Ask Alec: What to Do When You Lose Confidence In Poker? (Poker Tips)

10 thoughts on “Ask Alec: What to Do When You Lose Confidence In Poker? (Poker Tips)

  1. The two recent appearances on Live@thebike had some sick hero calls.  Amazing stuff, keep it up.

  2. enjoyed video as always. interesting that I saw this video right after I saw "live at the bike " video about you and Doug Polk! Wow!

  3. This exact situation happened to me last Friday.

    I had been on a great run the past few weeks and my normal game was coming up. Something in my gut kept telling me to just skip this week, but like you said I tried to convince myself just to go and power through it. Ended up getting slaughtered on the table the entire night getting felted 3 times.

    After watching this video it did make me realize that I did have other things on my things on my mind and stuff on my to-do list that took me away from the game.

    Hopefully next time I will better assess my current state and listen to my gut a little more.

    Thanks for the video. Keep them coming!

  4. Here is another sign you've lost confidence in your poker: You are getting stuck, so you secretly add on over the cap and then keep the extra chips hidden from the rest of the table until someone pushes you all in.

  5. Black panther underwater I'm here for it…oh damn I was just lookin at a commercial lol

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