Average Poker Player vs The Pros 😅

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The shocking reality for most poker players. They never stood a chance vs the pros.


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Average Poker Player vs The Pros 😅

7 thoughts on “Average Poker Player vs The Pros 😅

  1. Perfect example of why luck is actually a factor. Those long downswings are an effect of luck, or it would never happen.

    Yes it technically should even out overall, but luck affects it. In a 50/50 spot, if your 50 wins were in small pots, but your 50 losses were in huge pots, the math I'd even, but the circumstances are not.

  2. Have 30h hard griand behaind me…
    Min 12 h every day…
    Need to Press 24h boottem xD ITs hard

  3. When I'm on a downswing, I always hear you saying, "Poker doesn't owe you anything". Then I start analyzing my downswing, to figure out problems with my playstyle versus variance.

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