BATTLING with HUSTLER LEGEND “DK” in BIG GAME! Poker Vlog | Close 2 Broke Ep. 144

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BATTLING with HUSTLER LEGEND “DK” in BIG GAME! Poker Vlog | Close 2 Broke Ep. 144 (JOIN CLUB GG) & And Play with ME!


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BATTLING with HUSTLER LEGEND “DK” in BIG GAME! Poker Vlog | Close 2 Broke Ep. 144

9 thoughts on “BATTLING with HUSTLER LEGEND “DK” in BIG GAME! Poker Vlog | Close 2 Broke Ep. 144

  1. bro the 5/5 at hustler is a much better (easier) game….seemed like the villains were putting you in some tough spots in this game… always thanks for the great content…..

  2. Hello Kyran, from watching your blogs for a very long time, it seems like you’re a losing player. I honestly mean no disrespect, but it seems like you’re the spot at many of these games.

  3. Raise his flop bet,on KJ, to narrow down his hand and fold to his reraise. You can also fold the turn bet ,after you reraise flop. You could have saved so much money by raising him on the flop ,just a min raise,and GTFO of their!

  4. “Okay chat pros let me know what you would do” dude even your own mom would not call a 4xplus 3 bet with KJ offsuit. Thats on you. Then you fold the turn when you realize that player isn’t taking a bet bet line with AK hearts if they picked up a heart draw… sorry bud.

  5. I think the last hand you should have bet the turn and if you get raised you can give up on the hand, if he only calls you make what looks like a value bet on the river and again fold to a raise and save some money if he only calls. He did only have one pair but your check call on both previous streets told him you had one pair as well.

  6. Even if he has bluffs on that last board I think for a pot sized bet he'd need to have 50%? Bluffs for you to call that profitably. If he doesn't have that you can just overfold. That was a pretty dry board even for an aggressive player.

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