BLUFFING with the Best Hand!? ($1k NL Hold ‘em Poker Highlight)

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Blind vs blind poker battles can have some FUN showdowns. See what I mean in this poker highlight from a recent $1k holdem online poker live stream!

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What do you think of my BB vs SB poker strategy displayed?
All luck or clearly calculated 🧮?

Poker highlights captured live on stream always have a certain fun ‘surprise’ quality to them, it’s great when everything works out!

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BLUFFING with the Best Hand!? ($1k NL Hold ‘em Poker Highlight)

3 thoughts on “BLUFFING with the Best Hand!? ($1k NL Hold ‘em Poker Highlight)

  1. Seems ambitious to call the JT here to a 1.5x pot bet OOP on the turn. Stack sizes on the river make it difficult to get an x/r jam in as bluffs. And often will be difficult to extract value any time his hand improves.

  2. Looks like JT or maybe K9 in defense mode… big turn call though… he put you on the A9 type hand and thought he had 14 outs.

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