Bucketing: An Essential Part of any Rational Poker Strategy

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This is a sneak peek at the 3rd video from the GTOx Tutorial series which can be found on https://solveforwhy.io. You can watch all of these tutorials for free this month only by using promo code: FREEMONTHAUG.

In this video, we discuss a systematic method of classifying a hand by its strength, which simplifies the game because it allows us to estimate the profit maximizing play by focusing on: (a) the specific incentives that are applicable to our hand class (instead of balancing our entire range); and (b) targeted regions of villain’s range (instead of constructing villain’s entire range).

This technique, called bucketing, has been used by AI researchers for over a decade and is necessary to implement a rational, comprehensive poker strategy since it’s not possible for even supercomputers (let alone humans) to devise a unique strategy for all possible hands in all possible scenarios.

GTOx is the first solver which provides a customizable and flexible method for users to create buckets based on the most important characteristics of a hand (e.g. hand segment, draws, equity,, card removal, suits) and then quickly and objectively measure whether the hands in such bucket can be played in the same way without significant EV loss compared to the GTO solution.

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Bucketing: An Essential Part of any Rational Poker Strategy