Can A Professional Poker Player Beat A 10¢ Cash Game?!

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Bencb joins the 10NL cash game streets after having huge scores in high stakes tournaments, to find out if he can actually still beat 10 cent cash games!



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Can A Professional Poker Player Beat A 10¢ Cash Game?!

10 thoughts on “Can A Professional Poker Player Beat A 10¢ Cash Game?!

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  2. Amazing video, i hope you have more videos on these limits. thanks and GL.

  3. FFS hos can u live off this. ur up and down 10 dollars like a jojo.. where is the profits??

  4. Thank you for the video. Very informative for us newbies.

    Quick question. At those stakes are the other players playing to their positional ranges? I ask as I've read an awful lot on ranges but I'm unsure if my opponents would be too?

    Thanks muchly

  5. Please do more NL10 micro-low stakes 🙂
    I'll do all the things you like 😉
    I'll subscribe the hell outta you

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