Cash Game Poker Tips: Playing For the Long Term

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Today’s #HandOfTheDay episode is just one more from my #HelloAlec series. It is about cash game poker strategy. My reader Randy played this 2/4 cash game recently. He hits a two pair, but he decided to fold. Was this a good fold or not in the long run? I tried to give the answer, and to share my advice. Your poker analysis?

P.S. I’ve create this video with the new DJI Osmo Camera. It shoots 4K video. I recently bought it. I’m still learning, but more videos will come 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Cash Game Poker Tips: Playing For the Long Term

  1. uhhhhhhh so rough… I kind of did a similar thing. How do we send you live cash game hand reviews? Great vid btw!!

  2. who fold the river get 5to1 with 2 pair…………………?!wtf
    I will only fold if the first guy jam,and donkey call.
    if he jam doney fold,i would call as well

  3. Fold? That is the most ridiculous bit of playing I've heard of in ages…Hero better quit this game. I was sitting there wondering how much he was going to raise… just retarded.

  4. I am actually more interested in why the regular lead out 170. I would have just checked to avoid a raise with an Ace

  5. Teerible fold. Two pair faceing what was said to be bad players. Both called preflop bet then called down until the guy low bets the river clearly has an ace. Easy call

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