Daniel Negreanu Playing Online $100 Poker Tournament on Pokerstars

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Daniel Negreanu Playing Online $100 Poker Tournament on Pokerstars

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Daniel Negreanu Playing Online $100 Poker Tournament on Pokerstars

10 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu Playing Online $100 Poker Tournament on Pokerstars

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  2. Interesting that his first three hands were suited connectors, an A9 and then a pair of tens that he hits quads with, on the third hand we see. And then AK right away, nothing juiced about online poker, right? No wonder he has won 36 million live and is a loser on poker stars. Look at the starting hands he is being dealt. Online poker. A scam. THen he folds the pocket 5s and of course he folds and hits the third five on the river, seems as though you always hit that out right after you fold your hand, almost as to say, hang on to the hand a little longer toss in a few more chips chasing, only when you chase, it doesn't hit.. THen the 7-10 hearts seeing the all spades flop , so IM not the only one this bad happens to right? I get 50 suited hands I see nothing, then you get a king suited and flop the flush into the ace sitting on your left. See how when he thinks he has a hand to dump all in if its folded to him, its NEVER folded to him? Then he has the KJ of spades and you think there he can raise and take the pot but no as usual the AQ spades on his left, this is all exactly the same garbage I see when I play online poker. And of course, because his stack was bigger, his KJ of spades won the race so the other player would be eliminated and on to the next tourney fee. How Negreanu cant see this bad is mind boggling. This is all in a what 24 minute video? How many good starting hands did he get? The hands he thought were raiseable he never got the chance. This could have been me playing, the same exact things happen, and its the same thing every night. It never changes. You can sit down at nearly any table and within 5 hands be dealt a hand you might stack off with. This is bogus nonsense and I wish someone would fix it. You especially Daniel.

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