Dealing With Tilt in Poker – Part 1 | Poker Advice | School of Cards

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Dealing With Tilt in Poker – Part 1 | Poker Advice | School of Cards

10 thoughts on “Dealing With Tilt in Poker – Part 1 | Poker Advice | School of Cards

  1. u can also go on tilt from being even or close to it from not playing any hands. tilt from boredom

  2. lol, heads up today first hand i have aces he is the shortstack he raises all in i call, aces vs 2-5suited, he flops quad 2s. Second hand, ace king vs jacks, he flops a full house with 2 aces and 1 king, 3rd hand he raises i shove with ace queen, he calls with ace 2, he hits trip 2s on the flop. love this, srs.

  3. yeah right, not when its your loveing money on the line. Flop the nuts, river river to a full house. Dude goes all in on a river on a 4to1 flush, get dealt pocket aces? Everybody folds. loveing miserable game

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  5. I never knew what this was until this vid but it makes a lot of sense, when I lose some money to BS hands, even if its a small amount, sometimes i'll go into bigger games and play loose or just bad and lose a lot more money trying to earn it back..

  6. Good point about how the excitement in the mind of getting a big win can lead to tilt, since that emotional and mental excitement scatters the mind's focus, which leads to poor decisions.

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