Do NOT Play Poker With Michael Addamo!!!!!!!

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Michael Addamo is respected by most and feared by all at the poker table. He has an uncanny ability to put you in extremely uncomfortable situations for your poker tournament life as well as being able to read situations perfectly to sniff out any bluffs that you might have.

Watch this hand to see one of the greatest poker minds at work as he navigates his way through this hand against another very well respected player in Michael Soyza.

Jonathan talks about what things you should consider when deciding to lead into the preflop aggressor. You should find boards that will connect better with your range rather than your opponents. You should also pick hands that have good equity or hands that are already strong made hands. Do not use hands that have little to no equity.

Jonathan discusses that Addamo might be able to open his raising range slightly due to his image; Addamo is one of the most aggressive players in the high stakes poker tournament circuit. This means that players might be 3-betting with a slightly tighter range against him.

Michael Addamo is a 29 year old Australian professional poker player and is a regular at the highest stakes tournaments in the world. He has over $22,000,000 in live tournament earnings putting him 32th in the all time money list. He also has 4 WSOP bracelets.

Michael Soyza is a professional poker player from Malaysia, he is 68th on the all time money list with over $14,000,000 in total live earnings. He has become a regular at the Triton events, with his best live cash of over $2,200,000 coming at this series in the $100,000 Main Event where he finished runner-up to Talal Shakerchi.

This Triton series was held in Hoi An, Vietnam, it had 15 events ranging with buy-ins from $15,000 up to $100,000 in No Limit Hold’em and Short-Deck.

This high stakes poker hand took place during a $25,000 No Limit Hold’em poker tournament as part of the GG Super Millions at the luxurious Hoiana Resort & Golf in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Michael Addamo kicks off the action with a raise from the cutoff with A4o, Michael Soyza decides to defend his big blind with Q5s with both players being over 100 big blinds effective. Both players head to the flop and see the 6s 4d 2s. Soyza opts for a non standard lead with his gutshot, overcard and flush draw. Addamo who now has middle pair makes the easy call.

The turn brings the 7c which now upgrades Soyza to an open ended flush draw. He continues to tell his story with an 18,000 chip bet into the 24,000 pot. Addamo still the non-believer decides to make the call.

The 9c on the river is a huge brick for Soyza who has missed all of his draws. He decides to continue running his bluff and this time uses a pot size bet. This puts Addamo deep into the tank but can he find the call to win a huge pot?!

Jonathan Little analyzes live poker hands from TV poker shows such as Poker After Dark, Hustler Casino Live, The Lodge Poker Club & PokerGO. He also analyzes popular poker vloggers such as Rampage Poker, Brad Owen, Jaman Burton, Ashley Sleeth, Wolfgang Poker and others!

You will also find many poker hands on this channel that contain some of the biggest names in the poker world such as; Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Doug Polk, Garrett Adelstein, Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan, Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates, Fedor Holz & many more!

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Do NOT Play Poker With Michael Addamo!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Do NOT Play Poker With Michael Addamo!!!!!!!

  1. Who do YOU think is the best poker player that is part of this new generation? 🤯

  2. If I tell you how I play, you’ll beat me 😂 pretty sure my chances aren’t good but telling you my strategy I have no chance 😅

  3. the TAG's that don't usually go for thin value, along with the extreme LAG's would be the best types to look up on this river (have no idea if soyza is either of those, or has a rep as either) in addamo's seat. there is also a huge advantage to when having a ton of chips (don't see everybody's chip count but addamo tends to usually have a chip lead when he's still in a tourney, and has more than the players shown in this hand, extremely more than 1 of them) to show your opponents you can't be pushed around, like making this turn + river call would be. and no small part of addamo's tourney dominance is likely involved in that, people afraid to play back at him or call off light for huge bets.

  4. My winning big pot always with some random hand like 37s 42s 85s these hand get max when we hit Tripp’s or very unlikely straight against big pocket pairs

  5. Tight/aggressive when I'm playing well. If you play a pot where I'm in the lead, expect to put chips in if you want to win it. Also, expect to see flopped big hands, draws that came in, and draws that didn't when you get me to showdown.

    Now, when I am playing poorly I revert to tight/passive aka the worst way to play poker. I just lose my nerve and drop the high risk/high reward aggressive plays and I get station-ey at the same time.

  6. This is why in these spots you either GO FOR IT or GIVE UP. This is why Addamo in these spots will bet 5x or 6x of the pot virtually ALL IN making it so hard for the opponent to call.

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