Don’t Tip Your Hand-Poker Dealer Reveals 6 ‘Tells’

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A Mohegan Sun casino dealer reveals the six most common ‘tells’ that give away a poker player’s hand. From WSJ Off Duty.

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Don’t Tip Your Hand-Poker Dealer Reveals 6 ‘Tells’

10 thoughts on “Don’t Tip Your Hand-Poker Dealer Reveals 6 ‘Tells’

  1. Tells are over-rated. If you "tell" a strong hand, you silently bluff out some possibly formidable opposition in a show down. Nothing wrong with winning hands you might have lost, by default.

  2. First of all, you don't know what the other guy has, so you could lose with a strong hand and win with a relatively weak hand. Tells are the lazy man's road to poverty.

  3. the thing is with tells is that you cant just use ONE… "his hands were shaking so he must be bluffing"… although this may be true for this person, another person could be he has the nuts. you have to take in ALL the information. so its should be more like this… "his hands are shaking, why?" then you assess everything at the point. EXAMPLE…..

    i make bet on river (around half pot i believe dont remember) and villain shoves for over 250BB (massive over bet as the pot was barely 100BB with my river bet) then it started. i saw the shaking hands… i asked why? well, he did just put all his chips in and i have him covered so could just nervous for that reason. i then kept thinking, last time he shoved like this he had the nuts so i was about to fold when NEW information came in… he leaned back in this chair and crossed his arms after his bet. again i asked why? this was an odd behavior from this player as it is something he never has done in the 3 hours we been playing together… and then even MORE information came in, he had been staring at the river card non stop since it came out. again ODD for him as he likes to stare down other players. i make the call and shows busted flush and my two pair take the pot.

    SO my point is, the shaking hands alone is useless information. put it together with EVERYTHING around you and you have to put the tell into CONTEXT for the current situation. in my example the two odd behaviors mixed with the hand shaking told me he was bluffing…

  4. I can tell when someone is not from California or the West coast, the lady clearly isn't. Two, why is she trying to speak like a man?

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