Double Double Bonus Poker on Our 21-day – $12.50 Per Spin!

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Steve Bourie and his wife Michelle, from the American Casino Guide Book, play some 10-play double double bonus video poker during their 21-day cruise.

This is a 25-cent machine but they are playing 10 hands for a total bet of $12.50 per spin.

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Double Double Bonus Poker on Our 21-day – $12.50 Per Spin!

10 thoughts on “Double Double Bonus Poker on Our 21-day – $12.50 Per Spin!

  1. Gut shot with 2 high cards, (12:07) is a .4681 return, Q J no penalty has a .4641 but in this case, there are 2 strait penalties. Gutshot the way to go.

  2. 12:57, gut shot with 3 high cards= .5319 return, AQs with 2 penalties=.5279 return, not much difference.

  3. 14:32, 3 of strait flush, 2 gaps with 1 high card= 5125% return, Ace with 2 flush penalties= under .46 return.

  4. Interesting – No volume or speed option on that machine. Entire casino must be set to loudest by ship owners 😬

  5. Wow, I would have thought it was a regular casino. On a cruise ship, Yes! Nice to have time with your wife. Best of success & thanks for sharing.

  6. Which cruise ship are u on? And how is the experience so far? Always wanted to go on a casino cruise

  7. Is it just me, but it seems like games with multiple hands rarely give u anything really good on the flop. But when I play single hand Jacks or Better, I get good hands all the time.

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