10 thoughts on “Facing a 3-bet from a $12,000 stack @ $5/10/25!! // Poker Vlog #97

  1. you played it very cautious where the guy check out of turn on the river & you were going to bet 200. If I would have noticed he did it because he is a beginner then you should have made more money for sure. You were right, you lost out of a few hundred dollars. IDK though. Sometimes I don't like robbing people who are good for the game and are novice players. It all really depends on the situation. I don't judge you for anything you do. You have came far, fast, and I like hearing you perspective on the game. My hopes are to be where you are in a year. I just am finishing my degree then I am getting back into the poker scene. Hopefully we will be buddies and shoot the bad about poker. Not to many real people out there. Just keep doing what you do and grind up that bankroll buddy. I believe I have been subscribed since 1900 subscribers so I have been around quite a while. (not to sure o that number, maybe lower) Pocket 7's on that hand btw

  2. What’s up man I met you once at the hard rock. I have an air Bnb available the next 30 days, I’ll cut you a deal if you give me a few poker tips. House is in Hollywood 10 min to hard rock, 7 min to two beaches. Nice neighborhood 2 bedroom 1 bath with a heated pool, it’s going to be available on air bnb may 1 but it’s ready now. Please pm me if interested.

  3. I assume he didn't angle.. prob you took too much time what to do brought old man thought his turn to act

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