10 thoughts on “First time playing live poker guide

  1. NEVER just throw your hand until you see the other hands in the bet…If I had 10 dollars for every loveed muck I'd own youtube…:)…Take your time, but not too much, try to make a decision within 10 seconds, Be a good loser and a winner… Poker is a gentleman's game not an EXTREME sport…Respect everyone at the table and you'll be respected back…Doyle Brunson is one of the best players to study…Good luck to all and may your aces win all their races…:)

  2. The part I wish I knew before I played is the dealer button I looked like a rookie a because I didn't know what it was for

  3. i wish they had like a practise table or like low bet table at casino near me so i could try it out without losing all of my money in the first blind lol.

  4. The Russian layed out the chips like that in the movie rounders because it was part of the point that it's his table and he can do whatever the f**khe wants 😂

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