Flopping a FULL HOUSE 200bb Deep ($5/$10 NLHE)

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We get 4-bet holding pocket nines but we’re in position and DEEP – HOW GOOD DO WE RUN? This no limit hold ‘em poker highlight is brought to you by the WSOP running in Las Vegas, the action wouldn’t be this good if it wasn’t 😡!

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I don’t always flop full houses, but when I do? The opponents goes for a bit of betting 😀

Do you play this poker hand slow? What’s no limit strategy supposed to look like when you FLOP THE NUTS? 😂

Do you think my opponent had an over pair or were they ‘drawingdad’ 😬 vs my full house?

Either way, I thought their aggressive poker strategy could have used one minor adjustment in that I wanted them to go all-in on the river so I could win all of the money.

That would be the only poker pro advice I’d offer in this position.

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Flopping a FULL HOUSE 200bb Deep ($5/$10 NLHE)

10 thoughts on “Flopping a FULL HOUSE 200bb Deep ($5/$10 NLHE)

  1. "Flopped the nuts" … How about 77 Phil? 😂 But if the 10 was an 8 does that change much?

  2. "We still won the pot" as if that was destiny since the flop 😭😭😭

  3. Waiting patiently for those people to tell us Phil's hand wasn't the nuts

    Never mind they got here right quick 😂

  4. you said you flopped the nuts, you didn't flop the nuts. Pocket 7's is the nuts.

  5. Shoulda waited more time to call on the turn. You analyzed the big flop bet so he noticed you "didn't feel too comfortable" in HIS view but the turn you damn near SNAPPED. I think if you woulda waited more time he may have taken it for weakness or not the happiest about calling the turn size and he may be more likely to fire that 3rd bullet.

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