Flopping Top Set in a 3-Bet Pot is Good Right?

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In this poker highlight from the Galfond Challenge: I 3-Bet and flop top set of aces but the turn changes the nuts. What would you do vs poker pro ACTIONFREAK while out of position?

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This High Stakes HU PLO hand from the Galfond Challenge highlights multiple parts of the thought process that go into finding check-raise spots when you flop strong poker hands out of position.

Understanding who has the nut advantage, how board runouts will change your hands relative strength or equity realization, and knowing when you have too many of the strong hands for your opponent to be able to call a large bet are all poker skills highlighted in this heads-up pot limit Omaha hand analysis.

These three different thought processes alone can seem overwhelming to new poker players, nevermind just trying to remember relative hand ranges by position and stack size!

Thankfully, if you’re looking to improve at pot limit Omaha, no limit hold ‘em, or poker in general, Phil Galfond is here to teach you how to think like a professional poker player.

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Flopping Top Set in a 3-Bet Pot is Good Right?

6 thoughts on “Flopping Top Set in a 3-Bet Pot is Good Right?

  1. If you're in actionfreak's shoes do you call this flop? I'm guessing his plan was to apply pressure on any 2 or 3 on the turn having the wheel blockers.

  2. The interesting part here I think is the flop, since he calls with only the straight draw plus the weak pocket pair. I would probably fold drawing to only six outs, two of which might not be good. What was he doing?

  3. Not to mention Quads on the river…lol…love how you didn't even mention it…Nicely done ✔

  4. The way you explain your thought process (on the turn as an exemple), you kinda make it seem like you're thinking as to why you should check, but then you stop thinking until he acts..
    But Im assuming you already know at probably 80-90% what you're gonna do facing his action..?
    I say that bc I often know in advance the line Im gonna take after my initial action on a street.. But maybe Im the one doing it wrong?
    (Sorry english is not my first language and Im not sure this question make sense languagewise lol)

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