He Feels Bad For Making Opponent Leave The Game

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He Feels Bad For Making Opponent Leave The Game

10 thoughts on “He Feels Bad For Making Opponent Leave The Game

  1. jeremy needs to grow up this will happen to him in the future and the other person not gonna care. this is a mans game, there are no friends at the poker table, you can be my friend after i take your money and i pay for dinner how about that

  2. At the end of the day he lost one hand . Can you get people that don't act like a baby and walk off when they run into a standard cooler please. I don't want to see the guy who hit a set have to apologize to his crybaby opponent. Seriously That was lame what he should win because he hosted the game? Seriously that was pathetic

  3. Last few times I watched Jeremy play it seemed like he was getting a lot better. Then he calls 20% of someone stack pre with 44. That's like a 1/2 fish move.

  4. I auto clicked the like botton, then disliked when i saw dickhead getting a massage. Then back to like when dgaf was stacked.

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