How a SICK read won Dan “Jungleman” Cates a $306,900 pot

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“Jungleman” Dan Cates and HCL regular “Bobo” played a $300,000+ pot on Hustler Casino Live, join Phil Galfond as he breaks down what Dan Cates and Bobo might have been thinking in this high stakes poker hand review!

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Dan Cates’ pro poker instincts were put to the test in this high stakes No Limit Hold ‘em hand; ‘standard’ or ‘optimal’ high stakes poker strategy says one thing and the Jungleman yells another while raking in a huge poker pot!

How often do you see poker players making nearly pot-sized 300 big blind bets on the river with 90 big blinds behind?

How often do you see 300 big blind bets into 400 big blind pots while playing $200/$400 NL Hold ‘em?

This feels like a slightly rare poker moment…

Thankfully we have Phil Galfond to break down what each high stakes poker player might have been thinking in this ultra deep stack poker hand.

Said another way, we have a high stakes poker legend breaking down high stakes poker strategy at a high level, and for FREE!

For those curious, the original high stakes poker live stream this footage came from featured a high level poker line-up of Dan Cates, Bobo, Phil Hellmuth, Stanley Choi, Nik Airball, Handz, Israeli Ron, and Andy Stacks.

Thank you to all of these high stakes poker regulars for allowing Hustler Casino Live to broadcast their high stakes poker hands for us to enjoy and Phil to analyze.

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How a SICK read won Dan “Jungleman” Cates a $306,900 pot

10 thoughts on “How a SICK read won Dan “Jungleman” Cates a $306,900 pot

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  2. I never realized you were so good at doing this stuff.
    Very easy to listen to and learn from. Thx PG

  3. Love it Phil! Would be great if you could do some analysis alongside Jungle at some point? I know you guys have a good vibe together

  4. Very insightful. It's always easy to explain the past, but nobody is representing the ongoing thought process like you, Phil.
    Now, I am missing two points:
    1. When Dan reraises to ten k imho he is trying to find out if there is high pair on the other side.
    2. When Bono says "I like the ten" he is basically saying "I am not so convinced anymore of my raise was so good."

  5. Jungleman is someone you must protect you children from. Cant imagine the weird bad this guy is doing when no one is around

  6. Make a video on a GREAT fold on the triton series 8/4/23 at the 2:47:25 mark…..trips vs full house

  7. Good video. I think 🤔 you're improving.
    I enjoyed listening 🎧 to the break down.
    Keep up the good work. Practice makes perfect. I subscribed.

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